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More Info About the Garage Cleaning

As all of you know, the Association is conducting garage floor washing operations this week. Barcelona 3 was built in 1974. Since that time there has never been a thorough washing/scrubbing/degreasing of the garage floors. We are utilizing a commercial floor scrubbing machine to accumulate the dirty water and it is being taken outside for discharge into main sewer drain. In years past, the floors have gotten hosed down here and there, sometimes with a small residential-grade pressure washer you can find at Home Depot. None of that did anything other than move dirt, soot and oil from one place to another. What the Association is doing now is the first actual washing and scrubbing of the floors in the past 48 years. That is why it is requiring an extra day in each garage to do this. You simply cannot believe the amount of filth that is being extracted from the floor. Decades of cars leaking oil and antifreeze just makes it so much time consuming. We’ll be posting some videos on the website next week for residents to see the process we used to perform this deep cleaning.

However, we aren’t promising a miracle.

The floors are stained, cracked, broken and spalled and overall, they are ugly as Hell. There is oil and grease imbedded into the concrete everywhere and that cannot be removed. The floors are in terrible shape from DECADES of neglect and that cannot be reversed.

Don’t you wish we can look 30 years younger by going to the spa for a few days? Yeah, me too. Bottom line don’t expect the floors to look 30 years younger, either.

As part of the cleaning process, the crew is also washing down the overhead pipes throughout the garages.

With that in mind, we are aware residents may already hear nonsense from the same few people in this building (names withheld) who think they know everything (even though they know absolutely nothing) who love to question everything that the Association ever does. They always ask why anything that is done is necessary in the first place. They question everything that is done yet they do not offer to step up and participate. They just do nothing. All any sensible person needs to do is look at our website at pictures from 3 ½ years ago and then look at the building today. Calling it a ‘transformation’ is an understatement. We’ve increased property value while protecting your investments to the best of our abilities.

As in any community, you must balance the desires of a majority against the obstructions of a minority. In the case of the deep cleaning of our garage floors, we have received enough feedback from the majority of our B3 community this is a project that is highly necessary and appreciated.

The small minority of people who are never happy with anything are never happy with anything and never have or will be. Everyone has a different mentality/psychology and you can't let the negativity and outright nonsense of a few people bring down all the progress that needs to be made every day. Two people have asked us 'why do we have to clean the garages? They are just garages.' To those two people that were fine with allowing years of grime, winter road salt, oil and soot accumulate, they will just have to be frustrated when they walk across the newly cleaned floors between their cars and the elevators.

We continue to work our tails off to do things that no Board has ever attempted in the past. People who are bold and ambitious are always easy targets for those who sit on their asses and are only able to feel good criticizing and complaining rather than doing anything constructive.

Remember, you don’t have to be a Board member to contribute your time and effort to help the building.

If anyone wants to help out with their own vehicles to help pick up equipment and supplies on a weekly basis, please let us know. If anyone wants to contribute their time to work with their own 2 hands and help fix things around the building, let us know. If anyone wants to contribute their expertise and knowledge to help find solutions to problems throughout the building, like issues with our plumbing and our roof, let us know. We look forward to working with anyone that wants to positively contribute to the betterment of the Barcelona 3 community.

Barcelona 3 Condo Association Board
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