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Pool Locker Rooms

The pool locker rooms are used by the entire Barcelona Condo Complex during the summer season.  Since the locker rooms are an essential component of the pool, which are part of the common elements of the entire complex, the remodeling project was funded through the Barcelona Master Association.


The project was launched in March of 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and completed in May 2021. Both the men's and women's locker rooms underwent extensive demolition; including removal and updates to all electric circuits and lighting as well as to all plumbing fixtures and faucets.    The pool locker rooms had never been updated or remodeled since the original construction in 1975.  In addition to the normal wear and tear of 45 years of use, the bathrooms also bore the brunt of multiple flooding events from backed-up or non-functioning sump pumps.  The result? Cracked and heaving floor tiles, rusted and disintegrating metal doors, frames and toilet partitions, as well as non-functional plumbing fixtures and showers.  

The laminate sink countertops, after 45 years of heavy moisture, had sagged, delaminated and were unstable. 

The toilets and urinal were leaking, causing further water damage to the floors.  The bathrooms smelled horribly from decades of mildew, mold and urine impregnated in the tile mortar bed and behind the wall boards. 


Rather than re-install ceramic tile floors and showers, the Board opted to have a high performance, decorative Armor-Flake polymer system applied to all walls and floors.   This system consists of 3 layers of 100% epoxy seal/coat and 1 layer of 1/8" double broadcast colored flakes.The new epoxy walls brighten the rooms dramatically and come with a three year warranty.  It provides a high wear system for a durable, seamless, low maintenance and decorative finish. In addition, the walls and floors can now be mopped or hosed down by maintenance staff as all surfaces below the ceiling are impervious to water. There is no other method that allows such thorough cleaning/sanitation of the locker rooms. Epoxy flooring provides a return-on-investment that can't be touched by traditional tile installation.


New LED lighting throughout further improves the brightness of the rooms.  The new toilet partitions are made of a high density plastic composite with stainless steel fasteners, made to stand up to the moist conditions of bathrooms and showers.

The bathrooms are fully equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers, touch-free sink faucets, touch-free soap dispensers, touch-free paper towel dispensers and bulk shower soap dispensers.  Residents who have seen the new locker rooms are overwhelmingly pleased by the dramatic transformation of facilities that were long neglected.

The Before Pictures....
The During Pictures....
The Completed Project
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