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from Residents

“Goran, thank you for all you have done for correcting the defects to our building, and thank you to the board for getting behind your ideas.

In our 30 years of living here you have been the most wonderful, knowledgeable, generous and committed president this building has ever seen.

Your contributions and excellent reputation will be remembered and celebrated for years to come."

Cary & Valerie Miller, Unit 219

“Thanks again, Goran, for all the updates"

The workmen really have been going the extra mile to make things less difficult and less of a burden for everyone.  As for Lupe - he is one in a million AND MORE!I have never seen him without a smile, as he is endlessly working to keep our building and surroundings spotless."

S. Rubenstein, Unit 317

“Goran, I would like you to know how much I personally appreciate the endless work you do for B3.Without someone like you so tune into all the systems that make B3 run, the value of my property would be sinking as systems fall apart. 

Since moving in, I have heard a tremendous amount of complaining from a very small amount of people. Ironically, the loudest complainers have no idea what is going on and stay blind to the building's business. Their goal is a mystery to me, but I deeply resent this disruption to live in peace, as I suspect other owners feel. If one chooses to live here, he or she should participate to make things better, agree to what is going on, or find a home that makes him or her happy.

Again, we are lucky to have you, who is so versed in construction, bid management and the experience to negotiate for the good of the B3 owners. As a very experienced condo owner, I can say with confidence that yours is a rare skill set for Board President.

Another pat on the back for your tireless effort to keep B3 owners safe from COVID-19.

One last word about the tireless work Carolyn does to support the B3 owners. Nobody could do all that Goran does alone, and Carolyn tends to the smaller details to make life more pleasant in our building from holiday decorations to signage, the details in the laundry room, overseeing landscaping to things I don't even know about. Carolyn is that angel with her winds tucked under her shirt. I appreciate you.

I hope everyone will join me in letting you know how much we appreciate both of you for your time and effort, for no pay, and you will see the complainers are in the minority at B3."

B. Rubinow, Unit 415

“Thanks Goran, as always for helping to keep Barcelona 3 the best and safest building of all!"

M. Robb, Unit 407

“Dear Goran 

Thank you for your desire and determination to add beauty to our surroundings. I moved here in July 2008 and I am constantly in awe of your vision and efforts to improve our HOME. The laundry room itself is like a fairyland."

P. Katz, Unit 418

“Goran. The Best President!

We wanted to say THANK YOU before we move! Thank you for always being kind, helpful and understanding. We appreciate all the things you did for the Barcelona 3. We felt very lucky to have such a great board, a great group of people here. Also thank you for being so understanding and helpful when we were asking for your help with our move-out process - it went smoothly with your help! Thank you again!"

Chanel & Mervin, Unit 310

“Thanks Mr. President for the information and for being so caring!"

The Johns, Unit 202

Bonnie Rubinow, Unit 415

I do appreciate your updates about the pool and landscaping.  I know I'm repeating myself (as older people do) that we are fortunate to have you taking care of our building.  

M. Strauss, Unit 218

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Congratulations on a beautiful job well done with thoughtfulness and consideration to the Barcelona3 owners.These are the kind of decisions we need to maintain our property values. Hope everyone appreciates that as much as I do

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